Our vision is for a Country where clean, safe drinking water is readily available.
Provide an environmentally-friendly answer to the water crisis by introducing and selling our line of Atmospheric Water Generators throughout South Africa and neighboring countries. When placed in the right hands, the AWG’s can be life sustaining devices.

How it works?


The Atmospheric Water Generator is a humidity and temperature-driven Appliance. This means the Appliances ability to generate water depends entirely on the level of humidity and atmospheric temperature. To achieve optimum performance, the indicated relative humidity should be at least 50% or more. In regions with lower humidity levels, the Appliance will produce water at a slower rate and with less volume than that of a higher humidity environment. In a residential environment, higher levels of humidity tend to be found in kitchen areas, near bathrooms used for bathing, near open windows (in warmer weather), or in more spacious rooms.



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We have the solution with our atmospheric water generators. Talisa water ! 083 461 3527 !… t.co/TFjwRoCqwt

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Johannesburg Water says an earthy compound affecting the taste and smell of the city's water supply is not harmful. t.co/9Q1U3tuYHS

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#WaterCrisis: Cape Town's average daily collective consumption remained too high, Mayor Patricia de Lille said. t.co/TrH7QEYJHc

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With so many #WaterCrisis happening globally right now (#capetownwatercrisis and many other places), you should kno… t.co/Do0nFdsnjR

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We have the solution: Instant water just add air. 0834613527 | t.co/rM1PUmcrLK

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Ending the water crisis in our lifetime by ensuring that every person in South Africa has access to life’s most basic need — clean drinking water.