EcoloBlue 30ME Maximum Efficiency

EcoloBlue 30ME Maximum Efficiency
Model 30 ME is a residential/office unit. It is just like the Model 30 except the EcoloBlue 30ME uses a Panasonic Variable Compressor. The variable compressor is designed to work only when needed thereby saving electricity – the fixed compressor will cycle on and off on a predetermined fixed cycle. This control strategy leads to a reduction in the average speed of the compressor and fewer stops and starts. It is designed for Maximum Efficiency to save you money in operating costs.


  • 99.9% pure water
  • Up to 8 Gallons or 30 Liters per day, Humidity Dependent
  • Hot and Cold Water
  • Child Safety Lock on Hot Water
  • Advanced Leak Detection System
  • Reflux Technology to ensure the water remains fresh
  • 12 Stage Filtration Process including Reverse Osmosis
  • Ultraviolet Lights for Sterilization
  • Customizable Hot and Cold Temperature
  • Alkaline Option
  • Solar power Option
  • Panasonic Variable Speed Compressor

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