The Importance of Fresh Drinking Water

The Importance of Fresh Drinking Water

Access to fresh drinking water on a daily basis is highly important and it cannot be overstated when it comes to preventing infections, illnesses and even death in developing countries. There are abundant resources available to people in developed countries but nearly 1 billion people in developing countries do not have access to safe, fresh drinking water.

This problem is especially persistent in African countries and people, usually women and young girls will have to walk many kilometres every day in order to collect fresh water for their families. This can take a very long time which means they often don’t have time for anything else in the day and they miss out on education, keeping them in a poverty stricken cycle. The water available to them is also from ponds and streams and it is dirty and contaminated. Animals will often also use the same water source, leaving it dirty and full of diseases. However, many people will drink the dirty water if it keeps them from being dehydrated.

What can be done?

Sadly, A lack of this precious resource goes a lot further than dehydration among people. In areas that have little to no water; crops will not grow which could lead to malnutrition. Malnutrition weakens your immune system which leaves you wide open to infections and disease.

When faced with extreme lack of water, many will simply take the risk and drink dirty water which could end up with severe consequences such as further dehydration due to diarrhoea but there are also worse illnesses that one can catch from drinking dirty water.

There are charities and companies like Talisa Water who are striving to end the water crisis in South Africa. Talisa Water offer atmospheric water generators which can be placed in rural areas to produce enough fresh drinking water for everyone in small communities.

The units can also double stacked for larger communities as one atmospheric water generator may not produce enough water for everyone. These units can even be powered by solar power which means they are great for arid areas with harsh sunlight. A few units can be used so that crops can also be watered with the water from the generators.

Combining an atmospheric water generator with some sort of rain capturing device will mean that there will be more than enough fresh drinking water to go around

Get an atmospheric water generator from Talisa Water for your home or office today and gain access to pure, fresh drinking water whenever you need it.