Problems With Sources of Fresh Water

Problems With Sources of Fresh Water

The quantity of the water found in rivers and lakes can be unreliable. Some rivers only flow during some of the year, leaving a dry river bed for the rest of it. Rivers and lakes can also dry up due to overuse.

At a household level, it is critical that the distribution system provides water to people in the quantities they need. The quality of the drinking water will suffer if pipes break or if the supply is intermittent.

When the surface water is unreliable, ground water can be used in its place. However, if the ground water source is depleted too quickly or if the water is not regularly recycled, either naturally or via a man-made process, the quantity of the drinking water will suffer.

According to the World Wide Health Organisation, distribution systems need to make drinking water available to everyone and so that they don’t need to travel for kilometres to fetch water, they should have access to water at the place where they need it. For all people, there are costs involved in having water sent to where they need it, either to their home or community. Some costs are of course monetary while others are measured in the time it takes to travel to a fresh drinking water source.

Monetary costs are the most common. People will pay a municipality or perhaps a private utility to distribute water to their homes. Others who do not have access to a municipality will pay for water via other costs – by purchasing it from the community source, walking to the filling station, buying bottled water from a shop or any other source.

Costs that are measured in terms of time will impact the people who have limited amounts of money because they will have to take time out of their day to walk to a water source and retrieve the clean water. The time it takes to fetch the water represents a cost to human health, productivity and educational opportunities. The people who miss out the most on educational opportunities are women and girls.

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