The Benefits of the EB30ME

The Benefits of the EB30ME

The EcoloBlue 30ME requires 300 Watts to operate efficiently. The EB30ME is specifically designed to operate efficiently at a lower consumption rate when you use solar power to power the unit. This EB30ME Solar Panel Kit will allow the generator to easily produce between three and eleven litres per day using only the solar panel – without battery backup. The amount of water produced will also depend on the humidity of the air as well as the sun conditions. This solar unit is intended for emergency use or for use off the grid.

The benefits of the solar unit:

Atmospheric water generators are already amazing pieces of machinery as they produce water straight from the air. Add a solar panel and a couple of backup batteries to the EB30ME and, in the long run, you will have fresh drinking water produced every day for free. Once the solar panel and batteries are paid off, you will enjoy free, pure drinking water.

The EB30ME is modular which means you can add more solar panels whenever you want as well as more batteries. If you live in an area where there isn’t much sunlight, you may have to increase the number of solar panels to run the unit efficiently, there is no point in producing one glass of water per day, for example.

The EB30ME can produce anywhere between three and eleven litres of water per day, completely off the grid. That means that if the water at your home has been turned off for whatever reason, you will still have access to fresh drinking water. You could even use it to cook with.

This unit is amazing for emergency use because it doesn’t run on any other power except the solar panels and batteries, if you install them. These generators can be set up all over in places that have just suffered a natural disaster. During emergencies, water is the most crucial resource and it is often highly scarce when it’s needed the most. People need this water to drink but it can also be used to help clean wounds of any injured people.

If you are going away, you can even have the generator producing water for your pets. You can attach a feeder hose to the generator and get it to pump straight to their water bowls.

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